Malayan Emergency was one of the few successful counter-insurgency operations undertaken by the Western Powers during the Cold War. It saw British and Commonwealth soldiers defeat a communist revolt in Malaya. Many consider it as a prologue to the Vietnam War and the Indochinese Communist revolts as the British forces faced Communist Guerrillas in the thick jungle of Malayan peninsula.
With the end of the Second World War, many of the previously colonised people throughout the World started to rise up against their old colonial masters. The importance about this uprising was that it acted as a training ground for the future Communist Guerrillas of the Indochinese subcontinent. It was one of the first jungle Guerrilla warfare’s tactics operation ground as it showed the world what has the term “War” changed into. It introduced the World terms and tactics like jungle warfare, Guerrilla warfare, counter-insurgency and many more.

Delegates of this committee will play the role of the commission created by the United Kingdom to deal with this uprising. Challenges will range from target identification to radical terrorist attacks to the people. The delegates will try to crush this rebellion all the while focusing on establishing a safer guidance for its initial independence from the Crown and carefully execute plans to not anger the natives or create a power vacuum.