ISIKMUN'20 Starts in:

Letter From Secretary General

Honorable participants;
It is an immense honor for me, as the Secretary-General of the conference, to introduce to you Işık University Model United Nations Conference 2020 edition.

After last year’s success, it is my upmost pleasure to say Işık Model United Nations Club is here to present you a bigger, better, and brighter conference for you to experience with exclusive and unique social events, one of a kind committees with exciting agenda items, and of course the individuals whom are absolute professionals at their respectively positions.

As for the committees, this year we have 8 different committees had separated into 1 extreme, 2 advanced, 2 intermediate, 2 beginner and 1 Turkish committee that will increment your experience to maximum level. This year’s special committee will be U.S Presidential Debates which will be on extreme experience level and it will go down between 5 democratic and 5 republican delegates in a live quorum under control of 2 moderators. One of the advanced committees is Russian Revolution: Red vs White Armies, which will simulate the important milestone in Russia’s history between two different cabinet. The other advanced committee is Malayan Emergency, which will revolve around the insurgency at Federation of Malaya. One of the intermediate committees is United Nations Security Council which will debate upon Chernobyl Disaster that happened on Ukraine. The other intermediate committee is G20 which will focus upon sustainable goals and possible amendments to them. One of the beginner committees is UNICEF that will focus upon abuse on children rights in Yemen. The other beginner committee is UNEP which will be discuss about animal rights and environmental destruction upon world. The sole Turkish committee is “Koalisyon Hükümeti: Kıbrıs Barış Harekatı” which will be simulating the infamous operation that lead to separation of Cyprus.

As you could suspect besides committees and magnificent academy, IŞIKMUN20’s legendary organizational team will welcome you with kind hospitality to make your journey as convenient as possible. Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank our Director-General Taylan Güleryüzlü, our Organizational Advisor Berke Astarcıoğlu, our Academic Advisor İlyas Evren Kurt, and of our all colleagues for their exquisite efforts. Now, we would like to invite you to Işık University, Şile Campus on between 13th-15th March to be part of the brightest in the society.

Kind regards;  
Doğan Bora Dikme
Secretary-General at Işık University Model United Nations Conference 2020